We came together for our kids.
We stay together for each other.

Updates 2024

D.A.D.S. National is making some changes to serve you better. Leadership will once again be under the direction of Down Syndrome Indiana, and we are enthusiastic to announce the development of the D.A.D.S. National Advisory Board! Are you interested in helping support new and current D.A.D.S. chapters? Interested in making a more sustainable impact for D.A.D.S. chapters everywhere? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



h2-questions ASK A D.A.D.

One of the greatest assets of D.A.D.S. is the availability of information. If you have a question, chances are there is another father somewhere who has dealt with the same issue at one time or another.
Ask A D.A.D. today by reaching out to Executivedirector@dsindiana.org! 




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home-shirtWe are excited to have merch starting in the summer of 2024 to celebrate the many years of D.A.D.S.! 





home-envelopeOur e-mail loop serves as a non-stop flow of information about issues and events important to fathers and families. We are building a newsletter for all chapters and areas interested in starting a chapter! Email Executivedirector@dsindiana.org to be added!