We came together for our kids.
We stay together for each other.


Are you a new father of a child with Down syndrome? Or, perhaps you've just received a pre-natal diagnosis; news that your expectant child will be born with Down syndrome. Or maybe you've been a father for some time and have just recently found our organization. Regardless, D.A.D.S has been around for several years now and we've developed a network of fathers who have experienced just about every issue that you may be facing. Ask A D.A.D. is a forum where you can ask any question you might have and be assured a timely and helpful response.

Sometimes doctors, teachers, insurance salesmen, (and yes, even wives,) just don't have the experience with Down syndrome specific issues to be helpful. Ask A D.A.D. can put you in touch with fathers who have been there; fathers of older children and young children alike, all with different experiences that can help you. While we obviously can't offer medical advice or tell you what to do, chances are someone in our group has information or resources that can help you.

For less urgent questions, join our e-mail loop to share in ongoing discussions about many issues important to D.A.D.S.